7 Reasons Why You Should Be Organized Now

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Re-Claim Your Space & Your Life. You Already Know It's Overdue. Here's Encouragement to Get Started.


Aaargh! | 2

What’s The Real Problem? | 3

What Are You Going to Do About It? | 3

1. Disorder Affects Every Part of Your Life...And So Does Order | 3

2. Save Yourself | 4

3. Custom Make Your Life | 4

4. Avoid Being Blindsided | 5

5. Stop Missing Opportunities | 6

6. Experience the New & Fresh + Every Moment In Between | 7

7. Don’t Wait for A Tragedy | 7


Ayanna McMullen, "The Catalyst" is a Community Builder, Broker & Believer. Her superpower is igniting individuals and organizations to focus, flow and grow. She has successfully guided over 500 individuals, businesses, and organizations in organizing, developing, and launching their programs, goals, and ideas.

She is the owner of Harmony Organizing which provides home and business organizing services and the Founder of The Network Incubator, a creative think tank for business ideas.


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"My life before working with Ayanna was running on E while flying 90 mph. Harmony has helped me establish long-lasting rituals to make sense of my daily work, teaching me how to clear space for myself and presenting how to run each of my businesses with deeper clarity. Thanks for helping me! "- Joi D., Author, Photographer, Creative Serial Entrepreneur

"This experience has first allowed me to have less stress…day to day about how I want my life to be but my impatience and inability to put my dreams in order were a problem…Harmony Organizing has been a calming force in my life…it allows me to see my goals on paper and follow my daily tasks to meet my goals.   Thank you for your insight and support!" - Zenobia B., Mental Health Professional, Community Organizer

"Within a week of working with Ayanna, I was able to gain the momentum to get things done. I have enrolled in school, I’ve taken the proper steps to create a lifestyle of healthy living, and I’ve faced the fears of finance by gaining the knowledge needed to make future money-wise decisions. Ayanna brought my life back. Ayanna helped establish my thoughts about myself and the way I viewed the world and as a result, I am achieving balance. The only thing I would change is the chance to have done this sooner."  - Hope, W., Professional

I want this!

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Organized Now

0 ratings
I want this!